70s Spots: Pink Panther Flakes cereal

Post’s Pink Panther Flakes, early 1970s

Post launched Pink Panther Flakes on the unsuspecting breakfast-eating public in the early 1970s – likely around 1972 or ’73 – to go along with their sponsorship of The Pink Panther Show.

Enjoy a 60 second TV spot for this mostly-forgotten, early morning treat.

“Tickle me pink!”

Mr. Breakfast Pink Panther Flakes Quote:

“Post Cereals co-sponsored The Pink Panther Show, a Saturday morning kid’s show, in 1972. This cereal was created as tie-in for that program.

The cereal consisted of bright, bubblegum-pink, sugar-coated corn flakes. Most people remember Pink Panther Flakes as being extraordinarily sweet-tasting. The ‘pink’ didn’t add a distinct new flavor, so the taste could be compared to ordinary Sugar Frosted Flakes with more sugar.

One interesting feature of this cereal was that it’s pink coloring ran off of the flakes and into the milk almost immediately after the flakes got wet.”

Pink Panther Flakes box, early 1970s (Photo via “jeffrey” at Mr. Breakfast.com)

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