Trailer Tuesday: ‘Americathon’ (1979)

Americathon, 1979. ‘The ultimate spectacle is now a movie.’

Satirical comedy, Americathon, hit theaters in late summer, 1979. The film stars John Ritter as the 1998 US President when America has run “out of gas, oil and cash.” An “Americathon” is held to save the country from bankruptcy and foreclosure. Much mayhem and minor hilarity ensues.

Fun facts: A healthy number of the film’s 1979 comedy predictions have come true; China accepting capitalism and becoming a world power, the fall of the USSR, extreme reality TV and…the Beach Boys still playing together 20 years later.

A ton of stars appear in the picture including Meatloaf, Elvis Costello, Fred Willard, Harvey Korman, Jay Leno and George Carlin (who provides narration). View the trailer below.

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