Trailer Tuesday: ‘Logan’s Run’ (1976)

Michael York – from Musketeer to Sandman,. Logan’s Run, 1976

Logan’s Run released to theaters in June of 1976. This sci fi classic, directed by Michael Anderson, stars Michael York as Logan 5 and Jenny Agutter as Jessica. The unlikely pair attempt to escape from a society that wants them dead for the crime of being over the age of 30.

I’m a huge fan of this film and saw it when it was originally released. Until Star Wars came along the following summer it was the best sci fi film we 70s kids had ever seen. The movie also looms large in my personal life as (decades later) my wife was celebrating her 29th birthday with a Logan’s Run-themed get-up – complete with a crystal on the palm of her hand – on the night we first met and fell in love. Awwwwww!

Babes of the 70s #21 – Jenny Agutter. Logan’s Run, 1976

‘Logan’s Run’ Trailer, 1976

Logan’s Run Wiki, IMDb

Logan’s Run 1-sheet. (Photo via: Jon’s Random Acts of Geekery)

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4 Responses to Trailer Tuesday: ‘Logan’s Run’ (1976)

  1. Steve H. says:

    GREAT film. It has so many 70s elements in it. The scenes of Washington, D.C. overgrown with foilage are excellent.

  2. EmmaPeel007 says:

    It was a red crystal in the palm of my right hand, and I believe your opening line was “What are you – 29?”

    • David Moore says:

      Ah yes, I remember it well. What a smooth operator. And off we went in search of Sanctuary.