70s stories in the news: CBS to reboot ‘Brady Bunch’, ‘Super Friends’ Alden dies

It’s time to catch up on recent 1970s-related stories. Ripped from the news we have word on a possible prime time return of The Brady Bunch, actor Norman Alden passing away and more. Read on.

A new Brady Bunch for CBS?

Vaughn reboots the Bunch. (Image skillfully manipulated by Bionic Disco)

Deadline are reporting that actor Vince Vaughn is co-developing and executive producing a possible reboot of The Brady Bunch for CBS. The new version of The Brady Bunch, written by Mike Mariano (My Name Is Earl), will focus on Bobby Brady who is now divorced with a set of his own kids. Read more.

After hearing the news, Susan “Cindy Brady” Olsen took to Twitter to say “BB redux? Who knows? When I heard about the first movie I thought it was a crazy idea – but it turned out great!

Deadline Quote:

“I hear Vaughn came up with the idea for the new Brady Bunch and teamed with Mariano. Mariano and Lloyd Schwartz, son of the late Sherwood Schwartz, will executive produce the CBS project along with Vaughn, Victoria Vaughn and Peter Billingsley through Vince Vaughn’s Wild West Picture Show Prods.

CBS TV Studios has the rights to the original series as it was produced by its predecessor Paramount Television. The studio has a lot of experience successfully reviving old series. There are three reboots now on the air now: CBS’ Hawaii Five-0 and the CW’s 90210 and Beauty And The Beast — all of them produced by CBS TV Studios.”

Norman Alden has died

Norman Alden

Famed character actor Norman Alden passed away on Friday, July 27th at the age of 87. Alden was a talented man with a distinctive voice who never seemed to be without work throughout the 60s, 70s and 80s.

70s fans will best remember Alden as Frank Heflin on Electra Woman and Dyna Girl (1976), Coach Fedders on Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman (1976) and as the voice of Aquaman on Super Friends (1973, 1977). A small sampling of shows Alden appeared on throughout the 70s include; My Three Sons (1970), Ironside (1972), The Streets of San Francisco (1972-75) and Kojack (1975).

For more on Norman Alden hit Alden’s IMDb, Alden’s Wiki and NormanAlden.com.

Screen Crush Quote:

“Calling Alden prolific undermines his massive contributions to the entertainment industry. Though he’s best known for playing tough guys in ‘Tora! Tora! Tora!’ and ‘Semi-Tough,’ he also appeared in ‘Back to the Future’ (where he played diner owner Lou), Tim Burton’s ‘Ed Wood’ (where he played a cameraman), ‘They Live’ and ‘Patch Adams,’ with Robin Williams.

Alden’s television credits are staggering. He had a multi-episode run on ‘Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman.’ He appeared on such iconic shows as ‘Perry Mason,’ ‘Bonanza,’ ‘The Andy Griffith Show,’…‘Hogan’s Heroes,’ ‘Dallas,’ ‘The Rockford Files’ and many, many more.”

Norman Alden as Frank Heflin on Electra Woman and Dyna Girl, 1976

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