Show Toppers: McCloud (’70-’77)

Dennis Weaver is ‘McCloud’. Intro circa 1975.

Time for another shot o’ “Show Toppers.” Today, we take a look at McCloud and take in the show’s intro from season six, September, 1975.

McCloud ran from 1970 to 1977. NBC ran the show as part of its Four in One series and later as part of the rotating shows that made up the successful NBC Mystery Movie series.

Dennis Weaver starred as sherrif Sam McCloud who moved from small town New Mexico to bustling New York City while on semi-permanent special assignment to the NYPD. J.D. Cannon and Terry Carter co-starred.

*You’ll have to excuse the brief flash of Dutch that appears onscreen. Otherwise this is a nice quality clip.

McCloud Wiki, IMDb

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