Show Toppers: ‘Angie’ (1979-’80)

‘Angie.’ Finding freedom in a Philadelphia coffee shop,1979

Angie debuted on ABC on February 8th, 1979 and ran until October of 1980.

Angie Falco, played by Donna Pescow (Saturday Night Fever), is a working class waitress until she meets and falls in love with a wealthy customer, Dr. Bradly Benson, played by Robert Hays (Airplane!). The two get hitched and the merging of the two families creates opportunities for comedy of the situation variety.

Angie co-stars include Debralee Scott (Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman, Welcome Back, Kotter) as Marie Falco and Doris Roberts as Theresa Falco.

‘Angie’ Season One Intro (1979)

Angie Wiki, IMDb

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