Funshine Friday: ‘Emergency +4’ (1973)

Gage & DeSoto are all smiles in ‘Emergency +4,’ 1973

Universal Television contracted Fred Calvert Productions to produce two seasons of Emergency +4 and they originally aired September, 1973 through 1975.

‘Emergency +4’ title card, 1973

This animated offshoot of the live-action Emergency! series featured the voices of Randolph Mantooth (John Gage) and Kevin Tighe (Roy DeSoto) reprising their popular paramedic characters. They were joined by four kids who assisted each week; Sarah Kennedy (Carol), Peter Haas (Randy), Donald Fullilove (Jason) and David Jolliffe (Matthew).

Emergency +4 Wiki, IMDb

Fun Fact: You may remember the magnificent David Jolliffe from his years on TV’s Room 222. Jolliffe is the man who brought the “White Guy’s ‘Fro” to television.

David Jolliffe on ‘Room 222,’ 1973

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