Show Toppers: ‘Room 222’ (1969-’74)

Welcome to Walt Whitman High and ‘Room 222,’ 1969-1974

Room 222 first hit the airwaves on ABC in September of 1969 and ran until January, 1974. The show, set at a fictional Los Angeles High School, dealt with hot issues of the day and featured a large cast of teachers and students and offered up choice roles for a variety of guest stars.

Room 222 started out weak in the ratings but after grabbing three Emmy Awards in 1970; Best New Series; Best Supporting Actor (Michael Constantine); and Best Supporting Actress (Karen Valentine), the series took off.

Cast regulars included Lloyd Haynes as Pete Dixon, Denise Nicholas as Liz McIntyre, and David Jolliffe, Eric Laneuville and Judy Strangis (Electra Woman and Dyna Girl) as students. Guest stars included Mark Hamill, Bruno Kirby and Cindy Williams.

Room 222 Wiki, IMDb

A 1970s star is born. Karen Valentine. ‘Room 222.’

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4 Responses to Show Toppers: ‘Room 222’ (1969-’74)

  1. Steve H. says:

    The main (2) reasons I watched this show were Karen Valentine and Denise Nicholas. Cute !!!

  2. Steve H. says:

    Now that I see the show after all these years, it never occurred to me that most of the students look like they are in their mid-20s. Also, the high school looks like Harvard !!

  3. David Moore says:

    Producers & directors often hire actors that look too old for high school. Guess they’re looking for adults that can actually work on-set all day without restrictions.

    According to Wikipedia the exterior shots of the school were filmed at L.A. High and later University High. Interiors were shot on the 20th Century Fox lot.