Rad Ads: Billboard (March, 1978)

Rad Ad time! Let’s dive into the March 18, 1978 issue of Billboard magazine and scope out some delectable, music-related advertisements. This issue featured a 20-year anniversary salute to the Country Music Awards (CMAs) and the artist sitting at the top of the Hot 100 chart was the Bee Gees with “Night Fever.”

Dolly Parton for the CMAs

John Williams Grammy awards for Star Wars

Bonnie Tyler, “It’s A Heartache”

Walter Matthau and the ‘Casey’s Shadow’ soundtrack

Mac Davis for the CMAs

Statler Brothers for the CMAs

Rush, ‘Archives’

Warren Zevon, ‘Werewolves of London’

Robert Palmer, ‘Double Fun’

Quartz – Disco from France. Not…phallic…at…all…

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