Show Toppers: Wait Till Your Father Gets Home (1972-74)

‘Wait Till Your Father Gets Home’ intro,1972

Hanna-Barbera’s Wait Till Your Father Gets Home made its debut on primetime TV in 1972 and ran until 1974. 48 episodes were produced. After The Flintstones and before The Simpsons came along, Wait Till Your Father Gets Home was the only animated show on in the evening that lasted more than one season.

Tom Bosley (Happy Days) provided the voice of the father, Harry and Joan Gerber played his wife, Irma. Kristina Holland played the daughter, Alice. Both David Hayward and Lennie Weinrib (H.R. Pufnstuf) played the oldest son, Chet and both Jackie Earle Haley (Bad News Bears) and Willie Aames (Eight Is Enough) played youngest son, Jamie.

I was a big fan of this show and especially enjoyed Bosely’s interactions with his wacky, right-wing conspiracy theorist neighbor, Ralph (played by Jack Burns). “It’s the Russians, Harry. The Russians!”

Wait Till Your Father Gets Home Wiki, IMDb

The ‘Generation Gap’ in full-effect, 1972

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2 Responses to Show Toppers: Wait Till Your Father Gets Home (1972-74)

  1. Steve H. says:

    Within the last year, a cable channel (may have been one of the cartoon channels) ran this series. Now that I saw it when I am older, I realize just how sophisticated the humor was. A VERY funny show.

    • David Moore says:

      I missed that. Haven’t seen a full show in years. The first season is available on DVD. Been meaning to pick it up.