Funshine Friday: The New Adventures of Gilligan

‘They found themselves a shipwrecked clan – north on Gilligan’s Isle.’
The New Adventures of Gilligan, 1974

Filmation’s animated series The New Adventures of Gilligan first aired on Saturday mornings on ABC in September of 1974. The series ran through 1975 and 24 episodes were produced. A batch of re-runs were shown during the ’76-’77 season and it moved to Sunday mornings.

Almost all of the actors from the live-action Gilligan’s Island TV show provided their speaking roles with the exception of Dawn Wells (Mary Ann) and Tina Louise (Ginger). You may remember that Gilligan’s little buddy on this series was a monkey called Snubby. Oh, the hilarity! Enjoy the show’s intro and exit below. Happy Funshine Friday!

The New Adventures of Gilligan Wiki, IMDb

Heck, yes, I’d trust these guys with my life!

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