70s Spots: The Carpenters – Rare Japanese commercials

“From the Heart”…comes Japanese chocolate.
The Carpenters for Hi-Crown Chocolate (1974)

I hope you are enjoying a lazy September Sunday. To help keep you relaxed – here’s a pair of rarely-seen spots The Carpenters made for Japanese television in the early to mid-1970s.

First up, Karen and Richard sing a tune which seems to be entitled “From the Heart” for Hi-Crown Chocolates. In the second spot, the brother and sister duo ride the waves and help sell a Suntory-brand soda called “Pop”. Pop & sweets. A perfect pairing.

“The Queen of Pop” (See what I did there?)
Karen Carpenter for Suntory Pop (1977)

The Carpenters Wiki, RichardandKarenCarpenter.com

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