Funshine Friday: CB Bears

Breaker breaker, good buddy – it’s the CB Bears

Hanna-Barbera’s CB Bears originally ran as a 1-hour block on NBC, September through December, 1977. CB Bears attempted to cash-in on three contemporary fads; truckers, disco and detective shows. The trio of starring bears were named after disco dances; Hustle, Boogie and Bump, and were undercover detectives posing as truckers. Daws Butler, Henry Corden and Chuck McCann provided the bear’s voices.

The CB Bears; Boogie, Hustle & Bump – are disco trucker thrash-collecting detectives. No, really.

Other shows in the cartoon block included; Blast-Off Buzzard, Heyyy, It’s the King, Posse Impossible, Shake, Rattle & Roll and Undercover Elephant. In later syndication, CB Bears was cut down to 30 minutes. Enjoy the intro and have a happy Funshine Friday!

CB Bears Wiki, IMDb

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