Partridge Pop: ‘Together We’re Better’

‘Together We’re Better,’ Royal Command Performance,
The Partridge Family, September, 1972.

Welcome to a new segment here at Bionic Disco we’ll be calling “Partridge Pop”. As you might have guessed, this will be a series of occasional posts featuring moments of pure pop perfection from The Partridge Family.

Susan Dey.
Breakin’ hearts since Sept. ’70.

We’ll get started today with the tune, “Together We’re Better”. This performance comes from the “Princess and the Partridge” episode from season three and was first broadcast on September 29, 1972.

Remember, no matter how much you are enjoying the song please maintain the proper sense of Partridge decorum. Do no more than tap your fingers gently on the table and nod with a smile to your neighbor.

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