Outta Sites: 70s Funny Cars, Harvest Gold Memories, Dangerous Minds

Having a nice, lazy Sunday? I certainly hope so. Here’s a trio of 1970s-related Web Sites you may wish to peruse and bookmark for future nostalgic surfing.

70s Funny Cars

70s Funny Cars.com – for all your humorous racing vehicle needs

First up – if you need a healthy injection of 1970s drag racing then you’ll want to burn rubber and race over to 70sFunnyCars.com. Did I shove enough racing terms into the previous sentence? I hope so. Get Funny!

Harvest Gold Memories

Harvest Gold Memories

Next up, we have a fun, highly-readable blog named after the most desirable color of kitchen appliances in the 1970s – Harvest Gold Memories.

Proprietor Scott S waxes nostalgic on 70s and 80s topics ranging from John Ritter and Three’s Company to Casey Kasem’s American Top 40 to Atari. Many audio and video clips are included. Highly worthy of a look-see.

Dangerous Minds

Circus Magazine, 1970 – via DangerousMinds.net

Lastly, we have Dangerous Minds. DangerousMinds.net isn’t strictly a 70s site, but they have so many wonderful stories about the era that you’ll want to check in regularly. Just within the last few weeks a handful of visits turned up these cool stories;

Hope I die before I get old: Will these rock stars live out the 1970s?

Angel: Helluva Progressive Hair Metal 70s Glam Rock Band

A must-see documentary on England’s Hells Angels, from 1973

Pimpin’ Aint Easy: Electrifying 1977 Johnny ‘Guitar’ Watson show

One of the first and best reggae documentaries ever made

Have fun storming the 70s!

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4 Responses to Outta Sites: 70s Funny Cars, Harvest Gold Memories, Dangerous Minds

  1. Steve H. says:

    Wow!!! I can still hear the TV commercials for the Arizona Funny Car Nationals at either the Beeline Dragstrip or the Phoenix International Raceway. They crammed a 3 minute commercial into 30 seconds. The announcer talked a mile a minute. It seemed the volume went up on the TV about 20 decibels. Of course, the last thing the announcer shouted as the commercial was ending was “BRING YOUR CAMERA . . . .”

    • David Moore says:

      Haha. Nice. The TV ads I remember have the announcer yelling “Sunday! Sunday! Sunday!” and something like “Fire-breathing, Ground-Pounding, Funny Cars!!”

  2. Scott S says:

    Thanks for the call-out! It’s kind entertainment for me, and I’m sometimes slow to updates, but I do appreciate the public mention. BTW, I do enjoy visiting Bionic Disco!