Trailer Tuesday: Over the Edge

Matt Dilion is Ritchie White in his debut film, ‘Over the Edge,’ 1979

Over the Edge arrived in theaters at the tail-end of the 70s in November of 1979. The film, directed by Jonathan Kaplan, features future star Matt Dillon in his first-ever role.

Over the Edge was inspired by real-life events and focuses on a group of extremely bored (read: troubled) teens in suburban Northern California who rebel against the establishment and end up causing major havoc in and around their high school. All of this angst and destruction is set to an excellent soundtrack featuring Cheap Trick, The Cars and The Ramones.

Though later re-packaging of the film focuses on Dillon – the real star of the movie is Michael Kramer who (besides a brief comeback in the 90s) seems to have left acting behind.

Michael Kramer is Carl in ‘Over the Edge,’ 1979

God, this could almost be a scene from my Junior High years. The horror!

Over the Edge Wiki, IMDb

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