Show Toppers: Swiss Family Robinson

Irwin Allen’s slight ‘disaster’ – ‘Swiss Family Robinson,’ 1975

Only 20 episodes of Irwin Allen’s Swiss Family Robinson were filmed and they originally ran Sunday evenings on ABC from September, 1975 to April, 1976.

Yep, that young gal in pony-tails is Academy Award winner, Helen Hunt

The TV show, based on the adventure novel and influenced by the Disney flick, starred Martin Milner (Adam-12) as shipwreck-survivor, Karl Robinson, who builds a new life on a desert island. The Robinson family were played by Pat Delaney (Lotte Robinson), Willie Aames (Fred Robinson) and Eric Olson (Ernie Robinson.) An 11-year-old, Helen Hunt played fellow survivor, Helga Wagner. Cameron Mitchell played, Jeremiah Worth (who was on the island years earlier following a shipwreck of his own.)

Swiss Family Robinson Wiki, IMDb

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