Funshine Friday: The Barkleys

The Barkleys, 1972

“Arnie Barkley, he’s the head of the Barkley house. Agnes Barkley, is his devoted and loving spouse…”

DePatie-Freleng’s The Barkleys originally ran on NBC for 13 episodes beginning in September of 1972. The animated series featured a family of anthropomorphic dogs seemingly based on the live-action sitcoms All in the Family and The Honeymooners.

Ralph Kramden, uh, Arnie Barkley’s “Bark is worse than his bite!”

The great character actor, Henry Corden provided the voice of grouchy dad, Arnie and Joan Gerber played his wife, Agnes. Julie McWhirter, Gene Andrusco and Steve Lewis provided voices for the younger family members.

Here’s the intro for the show. Have a happy Funshine Friday!

The Barkleys Wiki, IMDb

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2 Responses to Funshine Friday: The Barkleys

  1. Darrin says:

    Good GAWD I have not thought about this toon in decades! Thanks for the memory!