Show Toppers: Petrocelli

Lawyer for the defense, ‘Petrocelli,’ TV intro circa 1974

Petrocelli ran Wednesday nights at 10 PM on NBC from September, 1974 to March, 1976. The show starred Barry Newman as Boston defense lawyer, Tony Petrocelli who gives up big city life to move to the small town of San Remo (skillfully played by Tucson, Arizona).

Petrocelli kisses the missus. Street scene opening, 1974.

Petrocelli and his wife Maggie (Susan Howard) live in a camper-trailer and are assisted in business by investigator Pete Ritter (Albert Salmi,) a local cowboy. Guest stars included Mark Hamill, Marion Ross and Louis Gossett Jr.

Barry Newman first played the role of Petrocelli in a 1970 film called The Lawyer.

Petrocelli Wiki, IMDb

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2 Responses to Show Toppers: Petrocelli

  1. Steve H. says:

    In the opening credits, it looks like he is heading west on Interstate 10 about 50 or so miles to the southeast of Tucson (this from an Arizona native.)