Forgotten TV: Lotsa Luck, The Girl With Something Extra

Kathleen Freeman wishes you ‘Lotsa Luck’
NBC, 1973

Sure, you remember Sanford and Son but how about Lotsa Luck and The Girl With Something Extra? Here’s an NBC Friday night promo from 1973 touting the above-mentioned shows.

Lotsa Luck starred Dom DeLuise and Kathleen Freeman and ran from September, 1973 to May, 1974. The Girl With Something Extra starred Sally Field, John Davidson and Terri Garr and also had a run from September ’73 to May ’74. Sing along with me now: “Memories…of Forgotten TV!”

(L to R) John Davidson, Sally Field, Zhora Lampert, Jack Sheldon
‘The Girl With Something Extra,’ NBC, 1973

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