Funshine Friday: ‘The Red Hand Gang’ (1977)

“La la la la la la la,” C’mon sing along, “La la la la la la la!”
The Red Hand Gang, 1977

A little live-action…action…for your Funshine Friday today. The Red Hand Gang ran for one season in 1977 with a grand total of 12 episodes produced. The show featured a crime-solving collection of kids and could be seen Saturday mornings on NBC.

It was 1977. Cool kids had to be skateboarding.
Matthew Laborteaux, The Red Hand Gang, 1977

The leader of the pre-teen detectives, Frankie, was played by Matthew Laborteaux (Little House on the Prairie) and his partners in crime-solving were J.R. Miller (J.R.), Jolie Newman (Joanne), Johnny Brogna (Lil’ Bill) and James Bond III (Doc).

And now the downer: I’m sad to say that two of these actors have already passed away. Jolie Newman died in 2002, age 36, and Johnny Brogna passed away in 2009, age 40.

The Red Hand Gang Wiki, IMDb

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