Show Toppers: The Invisible Man (1975)

‘The Invisible Man’ TV title card, 1975
You can see through the lettering. See what they did there?

The Invisible Man ran for a single season on NBC, Mondays at 8 PM, from September 8, 1975 to January 19, 1976. The show starred David McCallum (The Man from U.N.C.L.E.) as the “Man” in question, Dr. Daniel Westin.

‘The Invisible Man’ cast is clearly visible in this shot: Melinda Fee, Craig Stevens, David McCallum

Westin was stuck in his invisibility and wore a mask and plastic hands to appear normal. He, along with his wife, Kate (Melinda Fee) worked for the KLAE Corporation while attempting to concoct a cure. Meanwhile, the good doctor took on secret KLAE missions doled out by his boss, Walter Carlson (Craig Stevens). Oh, and the show had a cracking theme song – don’t you think?

The Invisible Man Wiki, IMDb

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