Funshine Friday: The Roman Holidays

“Hop in your chariot and come this way…meet the groovy Holidays!”
‘The Roman Holidays,’ 1972

Hanna-Barbera’s short-lived cartoon, The Roman Holidays, originally ran for 13 episodes from September through December, 1972. The show was something like a Flintstones in the Roman Era (63 AD) and featured Dave Willock as Gus Holiday. You’ll probably remember Willock’s voice as the announcer for Wacky Races.

‘The Roman Holidays’ cast; Precocia, Gus, Laurie and Happius

I’ve got to admit that this is one cartoon that doesn’t reside within my memory box. I would have been a mere five-years-old when it was on and I either missed it or simply don’t remember watching. The show hasn’t seen much re-run action. How about yourselves? This one ring any Roman bells?

The Roman Holidays Wiki, IMDb

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