Shazam!’: Michael Gray Interviewed, promo video

The moment you’ve waited for: “Shazam!”
Michael Gray, ‘Shazam!’ TV series, mid-1970s

I reported the other day on the impending release of the Shazam! complete series DVD collection from Warner Brothers. Well, the disc is out now and series star Michael Gray (Billy Batson) has been doing some promotion this past week.

Check in with KSite TV for a short new interview with Gray and see what the man has been up to. You can gather up a few Shazam!-related tidbits while there. Here’s a quote chunk below and a Shazam! promo video:

“Ksite: How far did you guys actually go to shoot? You kept in this area, didn’t you, even though Mentor and Billy were driving all around the country?

Gray: We kept in this area. We never did anything in the studio. It was all outdoors or on location. Whether it was Vasquez Rocks or down in San Pedro, or somewhere else, it was all within a couple-hour drive of Los Angeles.”

Shazam! Wiki

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2 Responses to Shazam!’: Michael Gray Interviewed, promo video

  1. lisa westphall says:

    just got the dvd set, it rocks. michael is great. he is still an attractive man. i wish him the very best.