Trailer Tuesday: The Goodbye Girl

“Your lips may say “No, no,” but there’s “Yes, yes’ in your eyes.”
‘The Goodbye Girl,’ 1977

The Goodbye Girl hit theaters in November of 1977. Written by Neil Simon and directed by Herbert Ross, this comedy, a critical and commercial smash-hit, won the Golden Globe for Best Picture (musical or comedy) and netted star, Richard Dreyfuss, the Academy Award for Best Actor.

The picture is a real charmer with some laugh-out-loud moments and I can remember relating to and liking child actress and Academy Award-nominee Quinn Cummings at age 11.

Quinn Cummings, ‘The Goodbye Girl,’ 1977

I was already a fan of Dreyfuss from Jaws and American Graffiti and November ’77 turned out to be a hell of a month for the actor. Close Encounters of the Third Kind opened just two weeks earlier. Talk about “Career Highs.”

I enjoyed Academy Award-nominee Marsha Mason’s performance as well but didn’t realize at such a young age what a hottie she was. Intelligent, witty and sexy. Wow! Catch the trailer.

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