‘The Paul Lynde Halloween Special’ (1976)

“ABC’s answer to trick or treat”
‘The Paul Lynde Halloween Special,’ October, 1976

On October 29, 1976 a comedic monster known as The Paul Lynde Halloween Special ate up television screens across America. Here now, in its entirety, you can watch that marvelous beast in frightening action once again.

Are you brave enough to enjoy the full 50 minutes of horrific 1970s fun? Get a load of this line-up and you’ll want to dive right in: KISS (rocking three songs in their network TV debut)! Florence Henderson! Billy Barty! Witchiepoo! Tim Conway! Pinky Tuscadero! The Wicked Witch of the West! Betty White! Donny & Marie Osmond! And more…

Middle America meet Kiss
‘Detroit Rock City,’ ‘The Paul Lynde Halloween Special,’ 1976

‘The Paul Lynde Halloween Special,’ 1976

Huge thanks to Vintage Los Angeles for posting a link to the special on their Facebook page and sparking my re-post. Happy Halloween!

The Paul Lynde Halloween Special IMDb

Donny & Marie Osmond, The Paul Lynde Halloween Special, 1976

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