Funshine Friday: The Houndcats

“These cats is rough (ruff?)”
‘The Houndcats,’ 1972

“Yeah, anytime there’s a rumble out West. Who do you call? You call the best!
‘Cause everyone knows it’s as simple as that. The best in the West is a Houndcat.”

DePatie-Freleng produced 13 episodes of The Houndcats and they originally ran on NBC from September, to December, 1972.

Ladies & gents, your 1972 Houndcats!

The Houndcats were a mixed group of felines and canines called; Stutz (Michael Bell), Putty Puss (Joe Besser), Rhubarb (Daws Butler/Arte Johnson), Ding Dong (Stu Gilliam) and Mussel Mutt (Aldo Ray).

The show was a sort of animated Mission: Impossible with the ‘Cats using their varied abilities to solve assignments. Catch the intro below and have a happy Funshine Friday!

The Houndcats Wiki, IMDb

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