Trailer Tuesday: Race for Your Life, Charlie Brown

8-year-old kids solo rafting the rapids? Sure, why not!

There’s some kind of race for the White House going on today, isn’t there? I kid. I’ve already voted. Hope you have or will as well.

Brought to you by the Peanuts TV special production team of Bill Melendez and Lee Mendelson, Race for Your Life, Charlie Brown released to movie theaters on August 24, 1977. Just eight days after the death of Elvis Presley and exactly one week before my baby brother, Jon, was born. I remember going to see this one at age 10, on my own, in a North Hollywood theater and enjoying it.

However, even at such a young age (and being a Peanuts fanatic) I felt the movie wasn’t quite as good as A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving or the Christmas special. But it was certainly an entertaining 76 minutes with the gang.

I couldn’t find a proper trailer for you, but to compensate, we have the opening titles (with theme song) and a 1977 TV spot.

Race for Your Life, Charlie Brown Opening Credits/Theme

“We’re in this movie too, sir”
“Stop calling me ‘sir'”

Race for Your Life, Charlie Brown 1977 :30 Second TV Spot

Race for Your Life, Charlie Brown Wiki, IMDb

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