Election Night 1972

John Chancellor and the NBC Nightly News team are standing by.
Presidential Election Coverage, Tuesday, November 07, 1972

Did you stay up late watching the 2012 election results on TV last night? I sure kept an eye or three peeled.

As is our wont here – let’s jump back four decades and take a look at some classic footage from the 1972 presidential election which occurred 40 years ago to-the-day.

Sweaty-lipped and smiling, Nixon claims the prize.
November 08, 1972

If you’ll remember (or have studied your history) Richard Nixon was re-elected president in what they called a “landslide” over his challenger, George McGovern. Here’s 12 minutes of NBC coverage from the night, Nixon’s televised victory speech and McGovern’s concession speech. I’m no fan of Nixon, but he’s certainly a fascinating figure. Leap back into history!

NBC 1972 Election Night Highlights

Nixon Victory Speech

McGovern Concession Speech

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