Show Toppers: Busting Loose (1977)

The ‘Busting Loose’ crew led by Adam Arkin (right), 1977

Busting Loose, a comedy starring Adam Arkin, ran on CBS over a 10-month period in 1977. The show debuted in January and ran through May, Monday evenings at 8:30 PM. From July to November, 1977 the show switched to Wednesdays (again at 8:30).

‘Busting Loose’ followed ‘Good Times’ in the CBS ’77 line-up

Arkin played engineering school graduate, Lenny Markowitz, “Busting Loose” from his overprotective parents and moving into his own apartment. To temporarily earn some money, Arkin goes to work in a nearby shoe store. Co-workers, wacky neighbors and buddies were played by Ralph Wilcox (Raymond), Barbara Rhoades (Melody), Danny Goldman (Lester), Steve Nathan (Allan), Greg Antonacci (Vinnie) and Paul Sylvan (Woody).

Busting Loose Opening Credits

Good Times/Busting Loose CBS Promo

Busting Loose IMDb

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