70s stories in the news; Jimmy Carter: Rock ‘n’ roller, Jenny Agutter OBE, Italian gibberish

Hey folks, here’s a tasty trio of 70s-related stories I’ve been collecting for you over the past few weeks; “Jimmy Carter: Rock’n’roll president,” Jenny Agutter awarded an Order of the British Empire, and a story on a 1972 #1 song from Italy sung in gibberish. They will amaze and delight your senses. Dig in!

Jimmy Carter: Rock’n’roll president?

A rock ‘n’ roll summit circa 1977; Jimmy Carter, Cher, Gregg Allman
Photo: Peter Bregg/AP/The Guardian

UK paper, The Guardian, pulled a story out of their archives entitled “Jimmy Carter: Rock’n’roll president?” which takes a look at the just-elected president and his connection to the 1970s rock industry. The Allman Brothers? Bob Dylan? Buddies of ol’ Carter. Read about it.

The Guardian Quote:

“Carter, though, went even further. His mainline connection with the rock world is through Phil Walden, manager of the now defunct Allman Brothers Band and head of Capricorn Records.

As Governor of Georgia, Carter was responsible for adding various anti-piracy (bootlegging) laws into the legislation, laws which obviously affected Walden’s record business. Thus the two were brought together in a mutually co-operative venture, and a close friendship developed.

Throughout this year a number of Capricorn acts have played benefit concerts to raise money for Carter’s campaign and Carter, in turn, has introduced the Allman Brothers on stage. He did this very simply.

‘I’d like to say one thing,’ he’d yell in his Southern accent to a stadium full of fans anticipating the ABB. ‘My name is Jimmy Carter and I’m running for President. I’d like to introduce you to my friends, the Allman Brothers.'”

Jenny Agutter awarded OBE for services to charity

Jenny Agutter and her OBE
Photo: Sean Dempsey/GETTY/The Telegraph

Actress Jenny Agutter, lauded here at the ‘Disco for her work in Logan’s Run (1976) and Walkabout (1971), has been awarded the OBE for her charity work. You can read all about it here.

The Telegraph Quote:

“Film star Jenny Agutter was awarded an OBE on Friday for her tireless support for charities and accepted it for all those working for good causes. The actress has been a regular face on cinema and TV screens for more than 40 years, starring in a string of acclaimed and popular movies and TV programmes.

But today she was honoured for her efforts away from the bright lights, working to raise awareness and funds for charities close to her heart.”

It’s Gibberish, But Italian Pop Song Still Means Something

You don’t need to comprehend to love Adriano Celentano and “Prisencolinensinainciusol”

Read this story on NPR and watch this excellent early-70s video presenting Adriano Celentano and his number one hit tune (released ’72, performed ’74) “Prisencolinensinainciusol,” sung in complete gibberish. Fantastico!

NPR Quote:

“In November 1972, Italian pop star Adriano Celentano released a song, “Prisencolinensinainciusol,” that hit No. 1 in his home country, despite the fact it wasn’t performed in Italian.

It also wasn’t performed in English. In fact, it wasn’t performed in any language at all.

The song, called ‘Prisencolinensinainciusol,’ was written to mimic the way English sounds to non-English speakers.

Celentano, now 74 years old, says that he wanted to break down language barriers and inspire people to communicate more.”

“Prisencolinensinainciusol” TV performance, 1974

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