Trailer Tuesday: Jeremiah Johnson

Robert Redford and his pre-mountain-man face
Jeremiah Johnson, 1972

40-years-ago next month, Warner Brothers released Sydney Pollack’s Jeremiah Johnson to theaters.

The adventure epic stars Robert Redford (hot off his appearance in The Candidate) as a man disillusioned with his time served in the Mexican War. Johnson drops out of society and moves to the frigid mountains to be alone. Both joy and sorrow follow.

I can remember my Mother taking me to see this film when I was only six-years-old and I really took to it. In fact, all of us who went, loved it. Growing up, I listed it as one of my favorite movies. I don’t think I’ve seen Jeremiah Johnson in 30 years. Time to throw a log on the fire, put my feet up and remedy that.

Jeremiah Johnson Wiki, IMDb

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