Partridge Pop: ‘Walking in the Rain’ (1973)

David Cassidy sculpted his hair into some really interesting shapes in the 70s
‘The Partridge Family,’ 1973

In our second installment of Partridge Pop we feature The Partridge Family singing the Phil Spector-Barry Mann-Cynthia Weil classic, “Walking in the Rain.”

This short and sweet tune comes from season three of The Partridge Family and the episode entitled, “The Eleven-Year Itch.” It originally aired February 2, 1973. Bert Convy and Jodie Foster were featured co-stars and can be seen in the clip.

Emmy Award-winner, Bert Convy and Academy Award-winner, Jodie Foster together again – for the very first time.
‘The Partridge Family,’ 1973

“Walking in the Rain” appeared on the L.P., The Partridge Family Notebook, which released in November of 1972.

The Partridge Family, “Walking in the Rain”

German single for ‘Walking in the Rain,’ 1972
Note the fantastic face on Jeremy Gelbwaks in the lower left. That’s the kind of thing that got the kid booted from the show.

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