Show Toppers: What’s Happening!!

You know you love this tune!!
‘What’s Happening!!,’ TV intro, 1976

This week’s Show Toppers features What’s Happening!!, which ran on ABC from summer 1976 to spring 1979. The sitcom was loosely based on the film Cooley High (1975) and followed three Watts-based L.A. teens along with their their family and friends.

Rerun and Raj moments before being booted from class.
‘What’s Happening!!,’ 1976

The teen trio in question were intelligent leader, Roger (aka “Raj”) played by Ernest Thomas, dim but lovable, Dwayne played by Haywood Nelson and rotund dancer, Rerun played by Fred Berry.

Dee “I’m gonna tell Momma” Thomas and Dwayne “Hey, hey hey!” Nelson
‘What’s Happening!!,” 1976

The cast was rounded out by Shirley Hemphill (Shirley), Mabel King (Mabel) and Danielle Spencer as Raj’s younger sister, Dee. Henry Mancini wrote the funky and fantastic theme song. Play it!

What’s Happening!! TV Intro

What’s Happening!! Wiki, IMDb

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