Funshine Friday: ‘The ABC Saturday Superstar Movie’ (1972)

You never know what you’ll get – but you know it’s gonna be good –
‘The ABC Saturday Superstar Movie,’ 1972

On this week’s Funshine Friday we feature – Saturday! That’s right, this time around we take a look at The ABC Saturday Superstar Movie which launched in September, 1972.

An animated version of ‘Nanny and the Professor’?
I haven’t seen this in 40 years and I need to see it again. Stat!

The ABC Saturday Superstar Movie was a rare bird as it brought together diverse companies such as Warner Brothers, Hanna-Barbera, Filmation and Rankin/Bass and aired different cartoons and occasional live-action kids shows each week. Several cartoons, such as The Brady Kids, made their first appearances on the show.

The hour-long episodes offered up an abundance of fun titles. A partial list includes; animated versions of Nanny and the Professor and That Girl, The Banana Splits, Popeye, Looney Tunes, Lassie, Dr. Frankenstein, Robin Hoodnik, Willie Mays, Yogi Bear, Blondie and Gidget. Whew!

ABC Saturday Superstar Movie Intro

ABC Saturday Superstar Movie 1972 Promo Spot

The ABC Saturday Superstar Movie Wiki, IMDb

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