A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving (and appreciating our pop culture)

Time to dress up as pilgrims and go door-to-door caroling again!
‘A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving,’ November, 1973

Happy Thanksgiving, fellow USA-dwellers! It’s time to butter the toast, pop the corn, pass out the jelly beans and get to feasting! And what better way to celebrate the day than to enjoy a few memorable moments from 1973’s A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving!

I grew up with this CBS special helping to define the holiday and I’m willing to bet most of you did too.

I’ll be recreating this meal today. Hope my guests are appreciative.
‘A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving,’ November, 1973

Today, as you sit at your ping pong tables and munch on your pretzel sticks don’t forget to give thanks (yes, for family and friends, but also) to Charles Schulz and the Peanuts gang!

A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving – Opening/Football Kick-Off

A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving – Feast Preparation

Check out this article where The Wall Street Journal‘s Market Watch says “‘A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving’ defines holiday TV” and have a great day.

Wall Street Journal Quote:

“On Nov. 20, 1973, CBS slotted ‘A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving,’ — sponsored by Interstate Brands, the parent of Dolly Madison cakes and pies — at 8 p.m. Eastern to kick off its Tuesday night lineup. The Peanuts cartoons had become such ratings blockbusters by this time that the network had no problem preempting ‘Maude,’ the ‘All In The Family’ spinoff that would finish as the sixth most-watched show of the 1973-74 season.

Against the short-lived NBC crime drama ‘Chase’ and the medical sitcom ‘The New Temperatures Rising Show,’ ABC’s second attempt to find a starring vehicle for comedian Paul Lynde, ‘Thanksgiving’ easily won the time period, averaging a 27.8 rating and 43 share of the television audience.”

A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving Wiki, IMDb

UPDATE: Entertainment Weekly says: “‘Charlie Brown Thanksgiving’ draws biggest audience in 4 years

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