Music for Monday: Gordon Lightfoot, ‘Sundown’

Do not creep around this man’s back stair.
Gordon Lightfoot, ‘Sundown,’ 1974

Canadian singer-songwriter Gordon Lightfoot released his tune “Sundown” in March of 1974 and it went to the very top of the charts both here in the US and in Canada.

Who ordered the folksy 70s trio shot?
Gordon Lightfoot, ‘Sundown,’ 1974

The song comes from the L.P. of the same name which also climbed to #1. Here’s Lightfoot performing live on The Midnight Special in 1974. Time to pour a glass of strawberry wine, kick back, keep it mellow…and ponder infidelity. Oh, man. Bummer.

Gordon Lightfoot, ‘Sundown,’ ‘The Midnight Special,’ 1974

Gordon Lightfoot Wiki,

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