Show Toppers: Phyllis

‘Who charms the crabs of Fisherman’s Wharf right out of their shells?’
‘Phyllis,’ second season TV intro title, 1976

Phyllis, a spin-off series from The Mary Tyler Moore Show, starred Cloris Leachman as Phyllis Lindstrom. The sitcom ran for two seasons from September, 1975 to August, 1977.

Can you guess where the show was based?
‘Phyllis,’ 1975

Phillis, originally Mary Tyler Moore’s landlady, moves with her daughter from Minneapolis to San Francisco after the death of her husband. Not having any money to speak of, Phyllis moves in with her husband”s mother, Audrey, and Audrey’s husband, Judge Dexter. In the first season Phyllis worked in a photography studio. In the second season she had taken a job as an assistant to a S.F. City Supervisor.

The death of three cast members; Barbary Colby, Judith Lowery and Burt Mustin, as well as sagging ratings in the second season, contributed to the series cancellation.

Phyllis season one intro, 1975

Phyllis Wiki, IMDb

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