Rad Ads: LIFE magazine, Dec. 03,1971

A lazy Sunday is upon us and the time is right for some Rad Ads! Let’s blow 41 years of dust off the cover of the December 3rd, 1971 issue of LIFE magazine and take a peek inside.

‘Tis the season and all that so you’ll find a few Christmas-themed ads mixed in there. Have a look. (By clicking one image you can easily enlarge and scroll through them all. Look to the lower right and click the next image link).

He loves him some bourbon!

Jaunty topper and stripey trousers. Someone’s sure to stop soon…

Bastard. That cigarette was keeping my lungs warm!

Singer in a snow globe. Shake that sucker, Santa!

That sure is a nice looking…thing…in the driveway

Raise your hand if you miss yellow shag carpet. Anyone?

Santa…you didn’t.

Flowery, yes. But I like it too.

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(Source: Google Books/LIFE)

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