Trailer Tuesday: Donald Sutherland in ‘Alex in Wonderland’

Alex Morrison is searching for inspiration. Can you dig it?
Donald Sutherland in ‘Alex in Wonderland,’ 1970

In December of 1970 Paul Mazursky released Alex in Wonderland – a film about a movie director struggling to follow up his successful debut film. Alex in Wonderland was Mazursky’s second film, following the great success of his 1969 debut Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice. Yes, Mazursky seems to have made a movie inspired by real life events.

Donald Sutherland stars as the title character and Ellen Burstyn plays his wife. Famed European directors Federico Fellini and Jeanne Moreau appear as themselves. Mazursky portrays a Hollywood exec. The film contains many strange dream sequences and garnered mixed reviews. Roger Ebert rather liked the movie in his March ’71 review. Take in the trailer below.

Alex in Wonderland Theatrical Trailer, 1970

Alex in Wonderland Wiki, IMDb
Alex in Wonderland review at Every70sMovie

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