70s Spots: Rolo Candies

The dancing Rolo scamps are at it again!
Rolo candy commercial, 1970s

Here’s a pair of 1970s-era TV spots for Rolo candies. In the first commercial you’ll enjoy a team of dancing Rolos and a delightfully ‘chewy’ sing-a-long song. I hadn’t seen this ad in something like 35 years but I remembered it well and I got that buzzy flashback feeling I love where I’m transported back to my candy-obsessed youth.

Casting Call: One young lady who REALLY likes Rolos
Rolo candy commercial, 1979

The second spot (from 1979) features the “Roll a Rolo to your friend” campaign which lasted into the 80s. Chew ’em up!

Rolo Candies: Dancing ‘Chewy’ Rolos, Mid to late 70s

Rolo Candies: ‘Roll a Rolo to Your Friend,’ 1979

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