Show Toppers: ‘Cannon’ (1971)

Light the fuse – it’s time for Cannon!
‘Cannon’ TV title card, 1971

Cannon starred William Conrad (d. 1994) as the title character, who quits the LAPD after his wife and son die in an accident and becomes a private detective. The rotund and robust gentleman charged high fees for his services, liked fine wine and fancy foods and drove around Southern California in a Lincoln Continental. When in a tight situation, Cannon would use his mighty girth to subdue the bad guys.

William Conrad is private detective Frank Cannon.
‘Cannon’ TV intro, 1971

Cannon aired from September, 1971 to September, 1976 on CBS. The show ran on Tuesday nights during its first season, moved to Wednesday for the bulk of its run and ended up on Sunday in the summer of ’76.

The intro below is from the Cannon debut, “The Salinas Jackpot,” which originally aired on September 14, 1971. Tom Skerritt and Vincent Van Patten co-starred in the episode.

‘Cannon’ TV Intro, Season One: Episode One, 1971

Cannon Wiki, IMDb

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