70s stories in the news: Little Richard, Susan Dey, Grease, Saturday Night Fever

Lazy Sunday alert! Time to catch up on some 1970s-related stories in the news. Today, we take a look at rare early-70s Little Richard photos, a Susan Dey ‘Style Evolution’ gallery, modern day Travolta and Newton-John in Grease mode and where the cast of 1977’s Saturday Night Fever are now. Tuck in.

Little Richard, LIFE Magazine Photos, 1971

Good golly! Prince ain’t got nuthin’ on this.
Little Richard, 1971 by Ralph Morse/Time & Life Pictures/Getty Images

Photographer Ralph Morse has no recollection of this 1971 photo shoot with Little Richard but that doesn’t make the images any less enjoyable. Slip and slide on over and check them out. Oh, and Happy (recent) 80th Birthday, Little Richard!

LIFE Quote:

“What’s certain is that, four decades after they were made, these portraits of the Macon, Georgia, native — published here on Little Richard’s 80th birthday, December 5, 2012 — capture at least a small part of the unnerving and somewhat unhinged charisma of the man many credit as the true originator of rock and roll. (Little Richard, his backers argue, was the first, true, living, breathing, screaming bridge between R&B and rock.)”

Susan Dey Style Evolution Gallery

Lori and Keith Partridge, style icons, 1972
Getty Images

More fun photos, this time with a focus on actress Susan Dey. Dey, best known for The Partridge Family (1970-74) and L.A. Law (1986-94), has sported many enticing looks over the years. I’d say there’s some questionable attire on display from the 1980s but how many of us can claim to be free of embarrassing 80s photos?

Happy 60th Birthday tomorrow, Susan! Investigate the gallery.

HuffPost Quote:

“Though she began her career as a model, Susan Dey launched into true superstardom with 1970s family sitcom ‘The Partridge Family.’ Off screen, the actress favored ’70s color-blocked sweaters and ruffle-y blouses, but then transitioned accordingly to shoulder pads and cowboy boots in the ’80s.”

John Travolta & Olivia Newton-John Release Grease-Inspired Video

‘You’re the one that I want! Shoo bop doo wadda wadda!’
Travolta & Newton-John, ‘I Think You Might Like It,’ 2012

John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John have recorded a holiday record, This Christmas, and released a new Grease-inspired video which you can catch below. For more details – read the story at People magazine.

People Quote:

“In the video for ‘I Think You Might Like It,’ Travolta flies a plane home while Newton-John drives a classic convertible full of gifts. The pair reunite in a field to perform some dance moves reminiscent of their Grease finale, ‘You’re the One That I Want.'”

John Travolta, Olivia Newton-John, ‘I Think You Might Like It’, 2012

Saturday Night Fever ‘Where Are They Now’? Gallery

‘Oh, Tony, your hair is magnificent.’
‘Saturday Night Fever,’ 1977

Lastly, in celebration of the iconic movie’s 35th anniversary, MovieFone takes a look at the Saturday Night Fever cast in a ‘Where Are They Now?’ gallery.

MovieFone Quote:

“The film grossed $94 million in the U.S. alone, and racked up $237 million worldwide. The soundtrack ruled the charts for 24 straight weeks and is still ranked as one of the all-time bestsellers. (Admit it, every time you hear, ‘Stayin’ Alive,’ you feel like strutting.)”

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