Music for Monday: Van Halen, ‘You Really Got Me’

Those American boys sure are high on life!
Van Halen, European TV appearance, 1978

Is it Monday again already? Well, at least we have rousing music to pull us through another one.

Here’s Van Halen performing their version of The Kinks, “You Really Got Me.” The video presents the band on Europe’s “PopRock” show and is likely from 1978. The TV studio crowd seems a bit bewildered by the music as well as David Lee Roth’s antics and outfit. Roth, however, certainly seems to be enjoying himself.

Van Halen recorded “You Really Got Me” in late 1977 for inclusion on their eponymous debut L.P. which released February 10, 1978. Their single of the classic tune rose to #36 on the Billboard “Hot 100.”

Van Halen, ‘You Really Got Me,’ 1978

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