Trailer Tuesday: Black Christmas

Should you watch this movie? Two words: Olivia. Hussey.
‘Black Christmas,’ 1974

I rarely feature frightening things here at the site but seeing as how this one is something of a cult classic and the season is right – I couldn’t resist. I’m generally not a big fan of horror films (with some notable exceptions) but there were a ton produced in the 1970s and they need to be represented here.

Black Christmas, also known as Silent Night, Evil Night, was a Canadian production and hit US theaters in December of 1974. The film takes place in a sorority house and stars the gorgeous and talented Olivia Hussey of Romeo & Juliet fame, Margot Kidder (Superman), Keir Dullea (2001) and John Saxon (Enter the Dragon). The amazing Andrea Martin, later of SCTV, also appears. According to Wikipedia, Gilda Radner was originally going to play Martin’s role but had to drop out due to Saturday Night Live commitments.

One final note: Nine years later, Director Bob Clark went on to direct another holiday film. You’re probably familiar with his beloved 1983 classic A Christmas Story.

Black Christmas Theatrical Trailer, 1974

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