Show Toppers: ‘Big John, Little John’ (1976)

Herb Edelman in 'Big John, Little John,' 1976

Herb Edelman in ‘Big John, Little John,’ 1976

A little bit of a twist with Show Toppers today. Instead of nighttime fare we have a show that ran on Saturday mornings, aimed at a younger audience. Sherwood Schwartz’s Big John, Little John originally appeared on NBC from September to December, 1976.

The show starred Herb Edelman (who guest starred on just about every 60s and 70s show imaginable) as Big John and Robbie Rist (The Brady Bunch) as Little John. Joyce Bulifant (Mary Tyler Moore) played John’s wife, Marjorie.

Robbie Rist in 'Big John, Little John,' 1976

Robbie Rist in ‘Big John, Little John,’ 1976

The story goes that elementary school teacher John took a sip of the Fountain of Youth and at random times transforms into his younger self, aka Little John. Heck, you don’t need me to explain the premise. It’s a Sherwood Schwartz show. The into below describes the plot just like The Brady Bunch and Gilligan’s Island openings did.

Big John, Little John TV Intro, 1976

Big John, Little John Wiki, IMDb

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