Funshine Friday: Uncle Croc’s Block

'Welcome to Uncle Croc's Block...nutty people - man, we got'em!'

‘Welcome to Uncle Croc’s Block…nutty people – man, we got’em!’

Filmation’s Uncle Croc’s Block was a short-lived ABC morning series that ran for half a season – from September, 1975 to February ’76.

The show parodied children’s programming and starred Charles Nelson Reilly (Lidsville) as the unhappy titular host. Croc’s assistant, Mr. Bunny Ears, was played by Alfie Wise (Hooper) in a yellow bunny costume. Jonathan Harris (Lost in Space) co-starred as the show’s director, Basil Bitterbottom.

'The only alligator who can talk.' Charles Nelson Reilly as Uncle Croc, (Filmation,1975)

‘The only alligator who can talk.’ Charles Nelson Reilly as Uncle Croc, (Filmation,1975)

Uncle Croc’s Block also spoofed hit TV shows of the day and guest stars such as Phyllis Diller and Marvin Kaplan appeared as Witchie Goo Goo and Captain Marbles/Billy Bratson respectively.

Cartoon segments that ran on series included; M*U*S*H*, Fraidy Cat and Wacky & Packy (with voices provided by Allan ‘Sam the Butcher’ Melvin of The Brady Bunch).

Uncle Croc’s Block TV Intro, 1975

Uncle Croc’s Block Wiki, IMDb

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