Mood Music: Paul McCartney, ‘Wonderful Christmastime’

Paul McCartney wishes you a 'Wonderful Christmastime'

Paul McCartney wishes you a ‘Wonderful Christmastime’

Paul McCartney recorded “Wonderful Christmastime” during sessions for his solo L.P. McCartney II in 1979. The tune was released as a single in November of that year and has become a holiday staple in the ensuing decades.

I can remember seeing the single on the shelf (featuring McCartney in a Santa suit) at Tower Records on Sunset here in L.A. and being pleasantly surprised. I was a 12-year-old Beatle fanatic yet had no idea McCartney would be releasing a new record for Christmas. I purchased it and still have it to this day. Let’s give the rare “Wonderful Christmastime” video a spin!

Paul McCartney “Wonderful Christmastime,” 1979

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