Mood Music: T-Rex, ‘Metal Guru’

'Sitting there - in your armor-plated chair, oh yeah!' (T-Rex, 'Metal Guru,' 1972)

‘Sitting there – in your armor-plated chair, oh yeah!’ (T-Rex, ‘Metal Guru,’ 1972)

I meant to post this rockin’ tune around Christmas but you know how things can get over the holidays. Still, we’re not yet into the new year and can continue celebrating.

Here’s Marc Bolan and T-Rex performing their UK #1 hit single, “Metal Guru,” 40-years-ago on Top of the Pops. Yes, turning up the volume and disturbing the neighbors is perfectly acceptable for this one.

T-Rex, ‘Metal Guru,’ Top of the Pops, Christmas, 1972

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One Response to Mood Music: T-Rex, ‘Metal Guru’

  1. Bolan Fan says:

    Love this song!