School Movies: Skateboard Sense (mid-1970s)

Sure. That looks safe. ('Skateboard Sense,' mid-1970s)

Sure. That looks safe. (‘Skateboard Sense,’ mid-1970s)

Here’s a great little discovery for you to enjoy today. A nine-minute film from the mid-1970s (I’d guess around ’75 or ’76) called Skateboard Sense.

Dude took a spill. ('Skateboard Sense,' mid-1970s)

Dude took a spill. (‘Skateboard Sense,’ mid-1970s)

This gnarly and radical movie from Sid Davis Productions and the Pro/Am Skateboarding Racing Association features some seriously old school boards (and haircuts). If you keep your eyes peeled you’ll also get a nice look at 70s-era L.A. and the Hollywood area. What are you waiting for? Grab your green sparkle helmet and Santa Cruz board and view it!

‘Skateboard Sense,’ Sid Davis Productions, Mid-1970s

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